French Alps

French Alps

The French Alps is a great destination all year round. In summer the mountains are incredibly beautiful and green, and in winter they are covered with a layer of snow and the area is transformed into a ski area. The iconic mountain of the French Alps is the the Mont-Blanc, which means ‘White Mountain’, as it’s covered with snow all year round.



The best known city in the French Alps is the city of Grenoble with it’s 160,000 inhabitants. But the authentic towns and villages are Briançon, Embrun and Annecy. Embrun and Annecy both have a beautiful blue mountain lake nearby. Oh, and did you know that also cities like Cannes and Nice belong tho the region of the French Alps? These cities belong to the so called pre-Alps, in the south-east of France.



The Nature at the Alps is of course mostly mountains and mountain lakes, with the highest summit the Mont-Blanc, which is at 4810 meters altitude. Only well-trained mountain climbers can defy this mountain, it is a tough climb and the air is very thin. For tourists, glaciers can be admired which you can find in the surroundings of Mont-Blanc and Briançon. The area has three national parks, each with its own characteristics.



The mountains and mountain lakes offer plenty of options. In the mountain lakes you can swim in summer but also practice different types of water sports: Rent a boat, sail or enjoy kayaking. In the mountains you can go hiking, climbing, rafting, paragliding, visiting caves and much more.