Like Dordogne, Lot is a department with a lot of history. Here too many archaeological finds have been made. Besides the historic sites, the villages and caves are also very nice to visit. The rivers Dordogne and Lot, together with the various recreational lakes, provide some cooling. Lot is an ideal holiday destination for people who love peace, space and nature.



Cahors is the capital and therefore the largest city in the Lot. The city has always been a lively city, but Cahors has also been attacked several times, destroying parts of the city. However, the historic center is still intact and there are several remains to visit, including the Pont Valentré and the Cathédrale Saint-Étienne. In addition, Cahors has the “Jardins Secrets”, these are hidden gardens that you can find throughout the city. There are no fewer than 24! Very nice to visit the gardens and the city via the marked walking route. You can get a ticket at the tourist office.


Rocamadour is a medieval village built on a steep rock. It is the most visited pilgrimage site in France after Lourdes. The story goes that the man Amadour, a hermit, settled in the village. Later, his body was found untouched in a tomb in the rock wall. Hence the name Rocamadour, which means Rock of Amadour. Because of many stories and legends, the place has become a place of pilgrimage. Rocamadour has many beautiful remains, including a large old staircase of 216 steps.


Figeac is one of the most beautiful pictures of the Lot. Like many villages and towns in this part of France, Figeac also has beautiful old buildings and medieval streets. The town square is somewhat reminiscent of that of Sarlat, a cozy square with terraces and beautiful buildings around it. A tourist train runs in the town which takes you past all the highlights.


One of the most beautiful villages in France, Capdenac-le-Haut is located on a hill along the river Lot. It is a historic village which you can see from everything when you walk through it. Among other things, there is an old city gate and donjon to admire.


One of the most beautiful villages in France is the village of Saint-Cirq-Lapopie. The village is located high on a rock and offers beautiful views of the river and the surrounding area. The village is car-free and therefore very cozy with nice streets and shops. It is also very nice to make a canoe trip along this village.


Carrenac is a very cute village. Nice houses with pointed roofs and beautifully decorated with flowers and ivy. It is really such an old French village that you know from movies and magazines. Very funny! There is also a monastery to admire. Definitely not to be missed so this village.


Gouffre de Padirac

Although I was small when I visited de Gouffre de Padirac with my family, I can still remember it. This is certainly the most beautiful cave I’ve seen in France. The cave has enormous water basins which are spectacularly lit. Admiring the beast is the short boat trip you make through the cave. Really beautiful and absolutely worth it!


ADDRESS: Le Gouffre, 46500 Padirac, France
COSTS: € 14.50 for adults. Children under 12 years € 10.00
Take a look at their website

Caves of Lacave

These caves, discovered by accident in 1905, are one of the most beautiful in the region. You will be brought into the cave by train, after which the guided tour of about 1.5 hours starts. There are no fewer than 12 rooms to visit. You can download an application on your phone with which you can get a Dutch explanation with a cup of telephone calls.


ADDRESS: D23, 46200 Lacave
COSTS: €11 for adults. Children under 13 years € 7
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Grotte du Pech Merle

De Grot van Pech Merle is een 2 kilometer lange grot waarin rotstekeningen te bewonderen zijn. Daarnaast is het tegelijk een druipsteengrot wat prachtige plaatjes oplevert. Er mogen maar een beperkt aantal mensen de grot in, omdat de rotstekeningen erg kwetsbaar zijn. Het wordt dan ook aangeraden om van te voren te reserveren zodat je niet in de rij hoeft te wachten!


ADDRESS: Pech Merle, 46330 Cabrerets
COSTS: € 14.00 for adults. Children 5 to 14 years € 8.50
Take a look at their website

La Cascade d’Autoire

Hike to this beautiful waterfall in about 20 minutes. During very dry weather, little water will flow down, but it is still a beautiful waterfall. There is a lot of green around the waterfall, which gives the whole a fairytale image. The village of Autoire is also nice to visit after the waterfall.


Canoeing on the river

There are no fewer than two rivers in the Lot department, namely in the North of the Dordogne and more to the south in the Lot. This makes it really optimal canoeing in the Lot.

Steam train of Martel

This old steam train runs between Martel and Saint-Denis-lès-Martel. Along the way you will pass beautiful vistas.


You can swim in the Lot, both in the rivers and in the various swimming and recreational lakes. This site provides an overview of the best swimming spots.

Chemin de Halage

A beautiful towpath that has been carved into the rock and runs along the river Lot. This path used to be used to pull goods upstream with horses. Now it is a beautiful walking path of about 10 kilometers. The path starts from Bouziès.

Rocher des Aigles

The Rocher des Aigles is a small birdpark, best known for the raptor shows that are organized there. I was there myself when I was on vacation in the region. It is a very cool show in which different birds of prey can be seen. We were also allowed to sit in a circle as children, after which a very large vulture ran over our legs. Unfortunately, the show is in French, but if you like to see the birds of prey up close, definitely recommended.

La Foret des Singes

This is an animal park with different types of monkeys. The park is well maintained and many monkeys roam freely. You get popcorn which you can feed to the monkeys. In the park you get a lot of information about the monkeys.

Via Ferrata

Climb, clamber over the ridges and mountain sides. The Via Ferrata is definitely not for the faint of heart! Via Ferrata is Italian and means “Iron Road” in Dutch. You take a route that is secured by a steel cable. Here you secure yourself so that if you fall, you will stick. Tools such as iron stairs, pegs or brackets are attached to the rocks.


Visiting castles

Just like Dordogne,  Lot also has beautiful castles. I really am a lover of castles and I am sorry that there are so few around my hometown. The visit of a castle gives you the feeling that you are going back in time.

Food & Wine tour

In the Lot you can join a Food & Wine tour from the city of Cahors. You will hear and see everything about the production of wine. And of course you can enjoy the food and wine. View an overview of the possibilities here.


This is a very comfortable gîte in the countryside and perfect if you want to enjoy a relaxing holiday.

This guesthouse is not far from Cahors and offers rooms in a beautiful renovated country house. 

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