SouthWest France


The Dordogne is a department of France. It isn’t really a region like Provence but as it’s so well known by tourists that I’ll call it a region :). Dordogne is a beautiful area with it’s green hills, relatively quiet and  it somehow has a homely atmosphere. The region holds many characteristic villages and castles. For a holiday  of enjoying the nice weather, landscape and learning some of the French culture and history, this region is the right place for you.



Many cities in the South West of France haven’t changed that much during the industrial revolution compared to the rest of France. As tourists, we can reap the benefits of these historical places. A well known city is Sarlat, which started with a monastery. Houses have been built around it, dating from the 15th century. Other interesting cities to visit are for example the medieval city of Perigueux, Limoges and Cognac (where the famous alcoholic beverage comes from).



Most beautiful about this region are the rivers that flow through the mountains and the idyllic castles on either side. The green mountains, small roads en cute villages are very nice to visit by (electric) bike or even car. Also, the Dordogne region holds many caves of both Stalactite and prehistoric images drawn by the people that ones lived there. Perhaps the most beautiful cave is the Gouffre de Padirac, where you’ll visit a part of the cave by boat! It will seem like you are living a fairy tale so beautifully the cave is illuminated.