What to do in Alpes-Maritimes


The department Alpes Maritimes is located in the most south-eastern part of France. It holds a  unique combination of both seaside and mountains, as the mountains start directly at the coastline. In this part of France you can visit a couple of well-known cities, but you will also find some small medieval villages. When you are looking for some activities as well as relaxing at the beach and on the terraces, then you should definitely plan your vacation to the Alpes Maritimes!


Cannes ones started as a small town, depending on the income from fishery. Now the city has grown into a luxury city with large boats, beaches and boulevards. Every year in the month of May the film festival takes place, attracting famous stars from all over the world. Walk through the streets and take a look of the wealth of the city. If you can no longer bear the heat and busy streets, you can take a boat to the island of St. Marguerite, where you will find beautiful beaches and forests. 



The capital of the Côte d’Azur. Here you will find everything you need for a citytrip: from history and culture to events and nature. Nice is nicely situated directly at the beach, you can take a long walk on the boulevard while enjoying the view and the warm sun. Take also a look at the Colline du Château, which means the hill of the castle. Walk all the way up the hill and get a super beautiful view! The castle itself is no longer there, because it has been destroyed. There is, however, a beautiful park with a waterfall and different viewpoints.



Walk through the old part of the fortress city of Monaco-Ville with its orange and pink characteristic buildings. This neighborhood is also known as ‘Rocher’ because it is build on top of a rock that enters into the Mediterranean sea. Continue your path to the richest neighborhood of Monaco: Monte Carlo. In Monaco it is hot, hotter, hottest, but the grass is green everywhere!



A bit less known, but certainly a place that you shouldn’t miss: Menton is a super nice town at the coast of the Mediterranean sea. From the beach you can see the pretty colors of the houses which is great material for some beautiful photos. The town is known for its lemons, the only place in France where they can grow well. 




Grotte de Baume Obscure

The name of this cave means ‘Dark Cave’. The unique thing about this cave is that you can explore it all by yourself. Paths have been laid out and with lightning and music you will be guided through the cave. The cave has a total length of around 1200 meters.



The Valberg is mostly known for its winter activities, as it is a ski area. But there is also plenty to do during summer. Go hiking or mountain biking and enjoy the green valleys, or take the chair lift which stays open in summer. Also, you can fish for Trout! If you want to do something original, visit the Sentier Planétaire, a walking path during which you can ‘visit’ the solar system: Every meter means a million kilometers in space and you get an idea of the distances of the planets and the stars. In the end of the walk (about an hour and a half) is a nice viewpoint.


Parc National de Mercantour

The Mercantour National Park is one of the 7 national parks in France. It is a beautiful area with forests, lakes and river gorges. In the surroundings of Colmars you can walk on paths that are not too hard, as there is no huge difference in altitude and the paths are well marked. In Colmars you can buy map in English at the tourist office.


Via Ferrata


Mountainbiking in the Alps

Mountainbiking is a great activity in this area. You have the possibility to book a guided excursion when you don’t have a lot of experience. The guide takes you through the mountains on an electric mountain bike. Along the way you’ll come across super beautiful views and you might even spot a mountain marmot. Don’t forget to bring your camera.


Via Ferrata

Climb over rocks and mountain walls. The Via Ferrata is certainly not for the wacky! Via Ferrata is Italian and means “Iron Road” in English. You take a route that is protected by a steel cable. You’ll be secured at all times might you loose your balance. Tools are attached to the rocks, such as iron stairs, pins or brackets. There are different routes from short to long and easy to difficult.



This is kind of obvious, but in the Alps are many possibilities for walking and hiking. Often there are walking routes available at the tourist offices of the towns where you can also get information about the difficulty of the paths.


Take a boat to the island Ste. Marguerite

Take the boat to the beautiful island of Ste. Marguerite. On this island you can walk through the woods and enjoy the calming noises of the sea and the trees. It’s also nice to go snorkeling! There are no sandy beaches, so bring some shoes with which you can go in to the water.



Toboggan on the longest toboggan run in France. The track is 1,620 meters in total. The maximum speed is 42 km / h. Lots of fun!


Visit Parc Alpha

At this park you have the opportunity to see wolves. These wolves live here in captivity but the objective is to imitate reality as much as possible. There are many other activities to do at the park, for example visiting a show with birds of prey.

Eze France



Musée Océanographique de Monaco

In Monaco you will find this museum at a special location, on top of a seacliff. At the museum you learn everything about the ocean. There is also a virtual reality show in which which gives you the idea of being in the middle of the ocean.



This medieval village is known for its beautiful viewpoints: The village is built on a cliff of more than 400 meters high. But this is not everything the village has to offer. It’s in fact a very cute village with little streets, shops and restaurants. Try to find a quiet moment of the day when you want to visit, as it can be full of tourists. There is a possibility to walk all the way up via a special path (Nietzsche path). Make sure to take enough water!



Guided tours in Alpes Maritimes

The best way to visit the environment is to book a guided tour. Take a look at the offers below: