Hike to the top of Les Trois Becs


Since I moved to the Drôme region in France I wanted to climb ‘Les Trois Becs’. These are three mountain tops that lead to the most magnificent viewpoint. I have climbed it three times now and just can’t get enough! It’s definitly worth a (or several) visit when you visit the region.


As I was driving through the area I could see the mountains coming closer. I took the road from Valence, via Crest and Saillans, which is beautiful with it’s sunflower fields and farms. After Saillans I followed to road up to the Col de la Chaudière. Here I parked to car on the parking de Siara, to continue the path by food. 


Trois Becs Wandeling


The path directly goes up and keeps going up until the top has been reached. There are a total of three mountain peaks, which you can all climb. They all are at an altitude of around 1550 meters. I decided to just climb the highest peak, which is called ‘Le Veyou’. It has a height of 1589 meters!


Trois Becs Wandeling


I followed the path and after every turn I was more and more amazed by the views and the incredibly landscape. Here nature was almost untouched, the butterflies and the beetles weren’t afraid of me being there. In about one and a half hour walked I reached the top. It’s a 2 to 2,5 km walk to the top, which doesn’t seem like that much, but imagine walking this distance on stairs, that’s how I can best describe the path. 


Trois Becs Wandeling


And then, suddenly, I reached to top and it reminded me of why I did it. Even though the views were already amazing, the top again 10 times more beautiful. It gave me a 360 degree view and it was stunning. I felt like I was on top of the earth where the earth stops and heaven begins. Only the birds of prey could get higher then where I was. I reached the top of the Trois Becs!




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Les Trois Becs

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