Mirmande, one of the most beautiful villages of France


Mirmande is a small and cozy medieval village. It is located in the Drôme department and is part of the list of most beautiful villages in France.


Back in the days

The village has been build on a hill with at the top the church Saint-Foy which is build in the 12th century. Because of it’s little streets, Mirmande would almost disappear until a famous artist would settle in the village together with it’s student. His name was André Lhote and he started a painting academy. From that moment on the villagers and the municipality would take care of the village and repair it’s houses.



Mirmande nowadays

Until today, many artists can be found in Mirmande. You’ll find small shops where you can buy paintings, pottery and sculptures. If you’d like a list of artists that have settled in Mirmande, then ask at the local tourist office. I personally love to visit Mirmande when a ‘vide grenier’ is organized. A vide grenier is a flea market with both professional sellers (antiques) as well as people that just want to empty their attics. 


In the village you can find many artists and little shops. Mirmande is nice to visit when there is a vide grenier organized (literally: empty attic). These are flea markets where every individual can sell his or her stuff. 





Where to stay

If you’d like to visit Mirmande I would recommend to spend the night in the village and get the full experience. The following hotels are based in the center of the village:


Vergers de la Bouligaire – A beautiful bed and breakfast based in an old house which has been renovated. The owners are really friendly and make sure your stay is wonderful. In the morning breakfast is served with regional and fresh products. The bed and breakfast has a very nice private swimming pool to enjoy the long, warm summer days. 

La Capitelle – This small hotel has a beautiful view over  the valley next to the village. It’s also the best restaurant in the area, so you’ll definitely enjoy your stay here. The people are nice, breakfast is delicious and has the best location in the village. What else do we need 🙂

La Maison Jules Goux – A cute bed and breakfast with really big rooms. Breakfast consists of bread, croissants and of course the famous pain au chocolat. The owners will tell you an interesting story about the history of the house when you arrive. You need to park at the free parking of the village and from there it’s a short walk to the house.





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