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Lavender and Provence are linked with each other. Throughout the year people can buy souvenirs like bags of lavender, tea towels with lavender branches and all kinds of beauty products based on lavender. If you take a vacation to Provence during summer, you’ll be able to soak up the wonderful scent of lavender in nature.


Where to admire the lavender?

Most of the lavender fields can be found in the departments of Drôme, Vaucluse and Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. You will find lavender alongside the (small) roads in the area. Although the flourishing periods depends on the weather conditions, you’ll always be able to see the lavender fields during the month of July.


Update 2020. Floraison = blooms from. Récolte = harvest from. Image source:

Drôme :

  • Grignan (June 20 to July 15): A pretty lavender field can be found near Grignan itself with the village and the castle of Grignan in the background.
  • Direction Fôret de Saou: A beautiful lavender field close to the forest of Saou, a beautiful environment to walk and enjoy nature. The field can be found alongside the road when visiting the forest. The view is absolutely stunning with the mountains in the background. (The photo at the top of this article has been shot at this spot)
  • A beautiful route leads into the Vercors from Crest. When you drive both east and south you will come across somewhat smaller lavender fields. This is a beautiful route anyway not to be missed when you are on holiday in the area.
  • In the area of Nyons, in the south of the Drôme are many lavender spots. It’s not without reason that the south of the Drôme is called ‘Drôme Provençale’ as Provence really comes alive in this region!


  • Plateau d’Albion (June 30 to August 10): East of Mont Ventoux, near the villages of Sault and Ferrassières you can find beautiful lavender fields.
  • Gordes (June 20 to July 15): One of the most shared pictures of lavender in France (after the fields of Valensole) is probably the field around The Abbey Notre-Dame de Sénanque. The serene and photogenic abbey in the midst of the purple lavender is just stunning. 


  • Valensole (June 25 – July 25): The most famous lavender spot is probably Valensole. A lot of tourists will visit to this place every year to take the most beautiful snapshots. The lavender fields are so big that you can’t even see the end. Did you know that a huge part of the world production of lavender comes from the fields of Valensole?

Lavendel Valensole

I personally like driving through the small country roads to see the less visited fields. As the roads are calm without too many other cars you’ll be able to drive slowly with your window open and soak up the wonderful smells. Also a great idea is to take a trip on a (electric) bicycle. Keep in mind that the fields a source of income for the farmers, be gentle 🙂

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